Post-Departure Home Service

It is very important to have a home properly shut down, and monitored by a service professional, while the homeowner is away. The offseason in Florida has volatile weather. Heavy rains, high temperatures and the threat of Tropical Storms are regularly on the horizon. We offer the following services standard:

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• Notify security of departure
Check list and Pre and Post Departure pages• Store patio furniture
• Unplug appliances & televisions
• Clean out refrigerators and freezers
• Disposal of all perishables
• Last trash to curb
• Turn off all ice makers and remove ice
• Turn pool heater off
• Set air conditioner to off season temperatures
• Arrange for mail transfer
• Store garbage and recycle bins into garage
• Cancel newspaper
• Turn off gas
• Arrange car service to airport
*Change air conditioning filter(s)
*Place DampRid in the home (optional)

*These services are arranged free of charge but additional charges for goods or services rendered may apply.